Using The Internet to Market Your Art

Long gone are the days when artists would sit around on the corners of streets waiting to be discovered. This is the age of the internet, where one funny meme or viral video can launch you on a path to success. Especially, if you are a struggling artist, the internet can be your savior. The various resources it provides you to market your art and show it to the world make it easy for you to be noticed.

Using The Internet to Market Your Art

Using The Internet to Market Your Art

Here are a few resources the internet provides you to market your art:

Social Media:

Who doesn’t own a social media account today? Maybe, someone who lives under a rock. Folks today cannot live without their phones or electronic gadgets. Instagram is a photo-based social app that allows folks to share their videos and photos using special filters and settings. For an artist, it can be one of the best ways to promote your artwork. If you gain a decent enough following, it is sure that some corporate person will notice you.

There are various websites dedicated solely to serve an artist’s needs. One such website is DeviantArt. It allows the artist to build a portfolio using digital means. Digital artists love to show off their work here.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site there is. You can easily create a page, display your artwork here, and even sell it to willing buyers. These social media websites are necessary for any artist no matter how successful they are. Creating a brand out of your work is good.


Freelancing is one of the most preferred modes of working, usually because it involves working from home. Numerous companies and businesses need great artwork to promote their own products. This artwork can be digital as well as handmade. Designing logos is one of the easiest examples. All businesses need a logo that properly represents their objectives or goals. You can easily make good money by selling your idea.

Freelancing does not provide you enough freedom. However, it is great for new artists who want to build their public relations and gain recognition in the world of art. Further, it helps you practice your skills on something that will be paid for. Otherwise, your resources would be going to waste if you practiced in a normal setting.


Merchandising is one of the best ways to promote your art. Most art pieces are expensive, and so, not everyone can afford them. To broaden your market, you can sell merchandise featuring your art. It will be cheaper for the customers and will generate revenue for you as well. You can even set up stalls in popular locations such as a mall or a college campus. On a college campus, school or a book fair, you can try selling some spiral notebooks or file covers which are covered in your art. You can feature some stationary as well.

Another great way to merchandise your art is by selling them as wall art. Wall art has gained popularity as people are looking for new ways to customize their homes. You can create a lot of pieces for different types of rooms. For instance, you can create a fairytale-ish wall art for a little girl’s room. If you want to survey the market or learn about wall art, you can follow an online guide such as House Decorio. Their website features a full guide on how to choose the best wall canvas art. You can easily learn which features customers will look for in your art and improve on them. It will launch your art on a whole different level, and yours will become a household name, literally!