Tethering Your Cell Phone for Internet Access

Cell phones are an incredible technological advancement that put so much information and versatility in the palms of our hands. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the features we crave in their larger counterparts: laptops and tablets. So, when we need a bigger screen and more keyboard, how can we make those smartphones work for us? Learn more about tethering your cell phone for internet access.

Of course, a dead phone won’t do you much good. So, if necessary, get an iPhone 6 battery replacement before beginning this tutorial. You can get the replacement for less than $20 on Amazon. And, if you don’t know how to take your iPhone 6 apart to install the new CE/ROHS certified battery, you can always watch the videos provided by YouTube. Everything you need to get your phone back to like-new functionality is available at that link. Then, you can move forward in the realm of tethering.

Tethering Your Cell Phone for Internet Access

The Why’s and How’s of Tethering

People frequently wonder how they can use their cell phones to provide their laptops with internet access. This process is called tethering. While tethering itself, isn’t that big of deal, the various service providers have their own rules and regulations based on their plans and pricing. And, cell phone models have brand specific issues as well. Therefore, we intend to offer you some very basic information on the why’s and how’s of tethering. Here’s what you need:

  1. Mobile Device– If you plan on going online with your cell phone acting as the modem, you will need whatever mobile device you intend to use. That can be a tablet or a laptop.
  2. Data-Ready Cell– This just means that you have access to a cell phone that is ready and able to go online on its own. So, if you only use free Wi-Fi when it’s available, then you can’t employ your phone as a modem. You need your own data plan. Learn more.
  3. Data-plan– Since we mentioned that in number 2 it seemed like a good idea to delve into this concept a little more deeply. Your wireless provider will offer you several options in the world of data. Some providers offer unlimited data, whereas others cap it off. Smartphones almost always have to maintain a data plan in order to be utilized. So, if you have one then you also have a data plan. You should contact your provider to know what your data-plan entails, though, as tethering could put you over your limits and allow you to incur unwanted costs.
  4. Wireless Carrier Tethering– If you want to go about things through the proper channels, then contacting your provider and asking them how best to tether your devices is the best option. They may ask you to add data or purchase a separate hotspot plan. This will enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity.
  5. Apps– If you would rather be a little sneakier, there are apps available for the purpose of tethering Android and various other smartphones. You can get some of them for free where others could cost you up to $30. PdaNet seems to be a well-known option. You can read more about that app here.
  6. Jailbreaking– Apple has removed tethering apps from iTunes. Therefore, you will have to go through the jailbreaking procedure in order to utilize tethering on your iPhone. This link should provide you with some great advice on the topic.

Individual wireless providers have their own rules, as we stated, so be sure to do your research before tethering your cell phone for internet access.