Tips for Using Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers aren’t only economical but they can also help ensure a lot of the nutrient in the food you cook is retained. So not only do you save money and time but you also eat healthily. That is why pressure cookers are becoming more and more popular with cooks around the world. They generally are not complicated to use. However, we have some tips for you that will ensure you get the best out of a pressure cooker.



Use enough liquid

The function of the pressure cooker is to cook with steam. If you do not put enough liquid in the cooker, it won’t steam therefore won’t cook properly. You can look at the recipe to figure out how much liquid you would need, if not pressure cookers come with instructions. The instructions tend to have a guide of how much liquid should be used. The amount of liquid depends on what you are planning on cooking so be wary of that.

Fill the cooker accordingly

One mistake many beginners make with pressure cookers is that they overfill it. When you overfill a pressure cooker it doesn’t function properly. Most cookers come with marks inside, you need to pay close attention to these marks. You don’t want to exceed filling it more than the 3/4th mark with liquid, your food and everything. We recommend never filling water more than halfway up the pressure cooker. This will ensure you have enough space to fit the food you want to cook.

Know how to release pressure

When it comes to releasing pressure, it is important you do it properly otherwise you can get hurt. Generally, there are three ways of going about it:

  1. Allowing the pressure to release on its own
  2. Release it through the pressure valve with oven glove
  3. Letting it cool under a running tap

You should never just open the lid once it’s done the cooking, the pressure can end up burning you. The way you release pressure has a lot to do with what dish you are cooking.

When buying a pressure cooker, you want one that makes your life easy. One that does most the work for you. You can check out reviews of the best pressure cookers. This will help you decide on the best pressure cooker for yourself.