Your Online Resource for Party Ideas for Women

Maybe that woman in your life is particularly hard to buy for. Perhaps she is turning one of those “significant” ages and you think you should make it special. Or, perchance, she’s simply your best friend, you love her, and you want to do something memorable for her. Luckily for you, we are your online resource for party ideas for women.

Before we start telling you some of our ideas, we can’t fail to suggest that you consider planning some mobile spa parties. When you plan a mobile spa party for your friend’s birthday you will be giving her the joy of professional and quality spa services right in whoever’s home chooses to host the party. Carmen and Karen are both licensed estheticians. They’ve got plenty of experience and love doing these mobile parties.

But, if you are thinking you would like some other options for consideration, then don’t miss the following suggestions.

Your Online Resource for Party Ideas for Women

Your Online Resource for Party Ideas for Women

Big Deal Birthdays for Women

We all know that women are not too keen on getting older. There’s something about certain “numbers” or ages that gets them a little down in the dumps. The first major negative birthday age is 30 (usually), but then when 40 hits the books… Think about your friend. Once you know what your friend will like best (small or big groups), you will be able to choose from our list of big deal birthdays for women:

  1. For the fun loving broad– Immersive group experiences that incorporate a plethora of theatrics can be quite challenging and uber fun. It’s a lot better than just standing around making small talk sipping drinks. People are given the opportunity to really bond through the shared excitement. Some of these ideas include: paintball, bulldozer playgrounds (learn more), crime scene adventures, and other escape room possibilities.
  2. For the foodie fem fatale– Don’t give into the same old boring dinner at a favorite, and frequented, restaurant. Instead, get the group together for something more exciting and try a new place or concept. There are all kinds of creative foodie friendly ideas: chef’s table tours, sushi making classes, wine tasting parties, champagne tastings, and tours of various kinds.
  3. For the outdoors chick– You can rest assure that your guests aren’t going to roll their eyes and groan when you come up with an adrenaline pumping outdoor excursion. These are moments you will all remember forever. They are memories worth making, especially on your friend’s behalf. Consider these options: ziplining (read this), skydiving, sunset horseback riding, snowmobile tours, and even whitewater rafting.
  4. For the exploration enthusiast– Most people never take the opportunity to utilize all the tours available in their local area. This might be just the perfect time to stimulate that inquisitive side. You wouldn’t believe the tour options we found. But, maybe you will like the sounds of some of them: zombie tours, architectural tours, cave tours, dessert tours, and even a 3-day kayaking tour with wine tasting.
  5. For the learning lady- She’s 40. It’s time she tried something she’s never done before. Chances are she wouldn’t take the time to do it if you hadn’t thought to set it all up. Pick something from the list that sounds like it’s what your friend would love an opportunity to experience. Here are some suggestions: stunt diving class, learning to sail class, creating a signature perfume, circus school, or even DJ lessons.

For even more ideas, click this. And, after all that fun, she might still need that mobile spa party!