Internet Phenomenon of Online Sporting Games

As much as it pains us, on some levels, to say this, there is indeed an internet phenomenon of online sporting games. People have resorted to playing sports on their phones and computers rather than actually getting out there and sweating. They have accepted the idea that they can shoot hoops with a flick of a finger instead of practiced accuracy on the court.

No doubt the people at bballworld will be sorely disappointed by this news. But perhaps, after playing on their phones a bit people will develop a new love for everything basketball and decide that they need real training. At which point bballworld will be able to help them significantly with the fundamentals and training equipment they need.

But, that transformation remains to be seen. So, let us discover what sports we can play online instead.

Internet Phenomenon of Online Sporting Games

Internet Phenomenon of Online Sporting Games

Sports You Can Play from the Luxury of Your Chair or Couch

We applaud you if you are only playing these sporting games because you are bored at work or sitting through a meeting or training. It makes sense that you would want to find something entertaining to do in that circumstance. However, if you are using these sports you can play from the luxury of your chair or couch as your mode of exercise, for shame, for shame. Nevertheless, here’s the best in this kind of entertainment:

  • Online Basketball– Yes, like we told you, there is online basketball and this is actually the name of the game. Be forewarned that it does take a little while to load. But according to our sources it is highly addictive. Keep in mind too, that if you are hoping to perform well on the game you will have to understand the angles necessary for those mid-court throws.
  • Touchdown USA- Instead of the rough and tumble of real football, this game offers you quite a learning curve. It is certainly no easy feat to get good at this game. Be ready to invest some lengthy play time before you feel like you’re really making a “difference” for your team. Learn more.
  • Pinch Hitter 2– This game is a progressive one. You will start off with a very large-headed young boy in his backyard. And, after hours upon hours of play time you might be able to get him practiced enough to enter the major league games. Think about what you could do if you went outside with your own large-head and tried hitting balls in the yard instead though!
  • Trick Hoops Challenge– Basketball sporting games are apparently a big deal online. There’s a plethora of them and this is just one of many opportunities to hit the court. Of course, this game is more about being a showoff, something fans seem to love. It is all about your ability to make unique shots. And, according to the reviewers, those capable of making a basket shot off the wall are infinitely more talented (and probably dedicated) than they are. Read this.
  • Sidering Knockout– We included this one in the list because we really like boxing. You can use combo moves and focus on your energy bar progress in order to beat up your opponents. The better you are the closer you get to facing a title fight.

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