Understanding Your Internet Speed When it Comes to Streaming

If we are honest, we will admit that the greatest advantage of the internet is the ability to stream videos, music, and games. So, understanding your internet speed when it comes to streaming is probably a really good thing. And, if you do get a grasp on this concept, it might help you ensure that you’re getting the speed you need, and what you pay for.

If you are as attached to Netflix movies as we are, you might have noticed some considerable lags in streaming them. This can be especially annoying when you have spent time reviewing the list of Netflix shows and movies available. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, you want to be able to begin viewing. Of course, there are a number of things that hinder that process including time of day, size of movie, and internet speed.

Understanding Your Internet Speed When it Comes to Streaming

Is Your Internet Service Fast Enough?

You are probably paying an insane amount of money for internet access. And chances are, you opted for one of the higher plans for the sake of enjoying your Netflix account. But, maybe you have noticed lately that your Netflix shows are streaming at snail speeds. So, you’ve begun asking if your internet service is fast enough. We understand and would like to help. Here are some tips:

  • To stream in HD you need a minimum of 5Mbps.
  • More users require more Mbps.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) suggests you opt for 10-25Mbps.
  • Many providers will let you increase from 25 to 50Mbps for as little as $10 monthly.
  • Faster broadband doesn’t guarantee consistent boosts in speed, as certain times of day slow down service. Consider it an online traffic jam.
  • Don’t hesitate to check your speed at sites like this. Try different times of day for more accurate measures. And, note the difference between download speeds (which are directly attached to your Netflix delivery) and upload speeds (which are typically a lot slower).

If you notice that you are not receiving the speeds in which you need, or if you aren’t getting the speeds you are paying for, there are some things to consider before getting mad at the service provider. Look into the following culprits for causality of reduced internet speed:

  • Spotty Wi-Fi reception– Sometimes moving the router to another area of the house can make a huge difference in your reception and speeds. Make sure it is far from any obstructions and never keep it in a closet or cabinet.
  • Interference possibilities– There are some typical household appliances and gadgets that could potentially be interfering with your reception. Microwaves and wireless phone systems are frequently the culprits. Look into getting a dual-band router. Then switch it to the 5GHz range to help eliminate the possibility of interference. Learn more.
  • Wireless connection– Sometimes wireless connections aren’t strong enough to offer you the speed you are paying for. It might be a good idea to try plugging your computer or TV directly into the router to see if that alleviates the troubles.
  • Intermittent struggles– If you notice that the slowdown in your internet speed is intermittent, don’t hesitate to reboot the modem and routers. Oft times a simple restart will clear up the struggles you are facing with them.

You don’t have to deal with slow streaming. We’ve offered you ways to pick the right speed and handle some of your other issues. But, if you’d like more information, you can find some here.

Facetime and Fast Internet Connection

There are a lot of people who have never thought that video call would be possible. It was one of those things that people wished and dreamed about but they did not think that it would happen in this lifetime. Thanks to the innovation of people, it has happened and it became one of the things that people would like to do the most.

Facetime and Fast Internet Connection

It seems that there are a lot features that people would like to get from their smart phones but video calling is always one of people’s favorites. When FaceTime for PC arrived, more people became even more excited because instead of the small screens of their phones, they can now see their loved ones larger than life with their large monitor.

There are certain things that FaceTime has undoubtedly changed but these changes will not be possible without the fast internet connection that people can rely on at present time. The speed of the Internet highly depends on where they are at different parts of the world but there is no doubt that people have seen the changes. Get to know more details about various changes here. Would you like to know what these different changes are?

  1. Changes with communication.

You do know that when you are talking with other people, it will be harder for you if you cannot see the person face to face. So many people have fought through text because of miscommunication. Mainly, they thought that the other person was stating something else.

With FaceTime, people can now talk and see each other through their monitors. While this is still not the same with face to face communication, you can be sure that this can still be effective in making sure that people will somehow lessen the pain that they are feeling.

  1. Changes with meeting up with business associates.

One of the main reasons why bosses always have meetings is because they would like to talk about things that are important but because travelling can be expensive, there are a lot of times when people would rather communicate with the use of FaceTime. The business associate can discuss like as if they are talking to each other face to face. The only need to meet up will be when contracts would need to be signed.

  1. Changes with levels of entertainment.

FaceTime has changed the way that people can get entertained. There are some people who FaceTime with their friends and family members just to show a new game that they have been playing or something else that they have done recently. It makes showing items easier like images and even some videos because they can still be seen clearly even on screen. Mainly, people are able to multi task while talking with other people because this is very easy to do.

Do you think that based on the reasons above that FaceTime has effectively changed the world? There may be some changes that will be done to it in the future and there is no doubt that you will know more details about this has changed the world.