Finding Jobs Online

There is literally nothing that cannot be found on the internet including online jobs (freelancing) as well as other jobs using an online portal or website where employers post their vacancies and employees can avail the opportunity.

Where there are hundreds of portals and search engines to find online jobs, at the same time finding the job that is fit for you and your lifestyle is an art. There are tactics you need to learn to find a dream job. By using these you can you can improve your chances of getting an interview with the required firm.

Finding Jobs Online

Finding Jobs Online

Some of the imperative tactics to remember are:

Look for an authentic and exclusive website:

Focusing on the portals and websites that deal specifically with your niche will save a lot of time. For example, if you are a car mechanic and looking for car mechanic jobs, you can go to This website is primarily for the automotive technicians and trade persons finding jobs in Australia. The way they work is different from the way other conventional recruiters. They basically work as your consultants who make things easy for you.

The process consists of seven phases. As the jobs are based in Australia, most of the folks need to shift from another country, which is why the process is longer and different as compared to other companies. Phase one includes the briefing about the job, its responsibilities, and pay package to all the clients who are considered eligible. In phase two, the tech on the move carries out in-house interviews of the clients based on their knowledge to judge the client’s behavior and aptitude. Phase three consists of checking the references while in phase four the candidate’s skills are tested and reviewed.

After phase four if the candidate gets selected, they move to phase five where the candidate is given knowledge regarding educational and living needs of the area, in phase six a checklist for the moving process is provided and in phase seven the post is transferred to the candidate and the tax filing, bank information along with other assistance is provided.

Tech on the move has put a lot of focus on communication with the clients to eliminate the slightest chances of inconvenience.

Posting your CV/resume:

Every website and portal has a database of their own. Once a vacancy arrives, the very first thing they check is the resume and CVs already present in their database. For this reason, uploading your CV or resume to different job portals is a good idea.

While uploading your CV always take care of its security. Only upload your CV after reading the privacy policy of the website to make sure your personal information, phone number, and email are safe. Even if the privacy policy states that your data is secure never upload data that can be used to steal your identity.

Sign up for job updates:

Logging in and looking for jobs each and every time gets tiring and time-consuming. To stay updated about the job vacancies without having to log in every time, sign up for the newsletter and updates of the job website related to your field.

This way you can keep a track of the job vacancies in the market and apply to the one that you consider as good.


Like clothing websites have filters, job portals also make use of these filters. If you are not up for moving your current place of residence you can apply area filters. Similarly, you can apply pay filters, job type filters and multiple other filters that can narrow down the choices for you and save your time.