Latest Technology Trends

People back in the 90s had experienced a rapidly transforming internet-oriented world where search engines like Hotmail, Yahoo and Google had acquired a significant popularity among masses. Folks started shifting from a “non-computer, less informative stage” of their lives to a “computer oriented, highly informative stage” where all queries are answered with not only one but several answers to a query and since then the information technology sector of our society has established itself very well. From computers to laptops, touchscreen tablets and iPads, smart application mobile phones, microchips and what not, this is the age of technological advancement.

Latest Technology Trends

Latest Technology Trends

Latest technological developments in every walk of life have really changed how the world works and have integrated into our lifestyles.

Let’s take a look at what they hold for us:

  • The Conversational Web

Until recently, we’ve been conversing all over the web with text but as technology advances, we will have more ways of conversing over the internet and rather than text typing we will get more options to just speak. This innovation has been integrated into many software nowadays but is still developing into more easier and effective forms. This technology includes two imperative things Chatbots and visual assistants.

  • Social Media “Buy Buttons”.

The rising trend of promoting brands, businesses, services and even causes on social media is at its peak. Buyers find it easy to upload pictures and description of their products online for customers to see and buy. Famous social media celebrities are used as influencers and guides to attract more customers’ traffic towards the buyer’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

The “Buy Now”, “Shop Now”, “Call Now” buttons present on Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Websites of the buyers is an innovation. When we click this button we are directly taken to the seller where he/she can communicate and help us buy whatever we want in a few seconds or minutes. This virtual shopping makes it easy for everyone as it’s convenient and can be done at any time of the day and free of extra charges.

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Robotics or Artificial Intelligence as we call it is being funded tremendously and is being incorporated in almost every new device or gadget that we see today. Several functions in games, devices, home appliances, vehicles etc. are human-friendly and helpful make our work easier and faster. This is the beginning of the AI factor in it. It won’t be wrong to say that “Transformers” will soon be among us. Nonetheless, will they be replacing the human white collared employees? Will they be a replacement for the service providers like driver, cook, and gardener? These and a lot more questions are yet to be answered.

  • Dehumidifiers

With the drastic change in global weather dehumidifiers are now becoming a part of every household and sooner or later everyone is seen searching for the best one that they can buy. Our homes are the ultimate destination after a day of hard work and when we come back we want to sit in an environment, which is relaxing and refreshing.

For this very reason, dehumidifiers are necessary. You would know you need a dehumidifier if there is a bad, damp smell in the house all the time, it feels stuffed up, you can see the ceiling has black spots, the cat allergies are worsening and you can catch a cough or sneeze slot when indoors.

If any of this is happening, then go and get a dehumidifier and to save your life. Many companies are coming up with many hi-tech, IoT devises, smart to carry, sleek to fit anywhere, good colored and inexpensive products. But check out all the customer reviews on the internet first.

For example, there are several reviews about dehumidifiers these days. You may search the best one for your home by searching the best dehumidifier 2018 online and you’ll find a compilation of thousands of customer reviews on different brands that serve as a word of mouth marketing for many products.