How to choose how much internet data you should get

How to choose how much internet data you should get

It’s fairly known by now, even to non-Canadian citizens, that internet data in Canada is usually capped. What this means is that your internet service provider allots you a bandwidth cap of a certain amount of gigabytes each month and then charges you extra for each subsequent gigabyte. Knowing which cap is the right for you is perhaps the most important part when getting internet in Canada.

Young couple working at homeThe differences between caps and overcharging
The caps themselves come at a varied range, from around 40GB up to 500GB and even higher with some providers. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that a higher cap means a more expensive package; however, the cost is usually much lower than if you paid for the extra gigabytes through overcharging.

Many people take caps of around 150GB and feel that there’s no way they could exceed such a large amount of internet data in a month, especially not with a fairly sluggish speed of 5MB download. However, these people neglect to take into account the increased size of files on the internet.learn more here!

What this means is that the quality of images on the internet is increasing, sites are consistently introducing heavy objects, and of course, videos are becoming of a better and better quality. Whereas a decade ago the standard video online might not have exceeded 100MB, now they can easily go past 1GB once you click on the HD option without you even realizing.

Being aware of your usage

Therefore, exceeding even 200GB becomes commonplace for many households. To know the right internet data cap for you, you will need to realistically assess your internet consumption and your activities online.

AH8P7WDo you download a lot of songs and movies? Do you enjoy spending a lot of time watching online videos and perhaps even live broadcasts? Do you play games that constantly download a lot of content? All of these things can quickly burn through the internet cap before the user realizes it, leaving them with a hefty bill at the end of the month.

If you are a heavy consumer of bandwidth, you have one of two options: either you will limit your activities on the internet in order to reduce monthly data consumed, all the while constantly monitoring your download and upload, or you will opt for an ISP with good options for unlimited internet.see it more from

While unlimited internet in Canada is rarely on par with that of other nations, and is often available only in the morning, it could still make a great difference on your internet bill. Even internet that is only unlimited in the morning can greatly help you reduce cost if you move the bulk of your downloading to those hours.

How to choose how much internet data you should get

Don’t be one of those people paying tens or hundreds of extra dollars at the end of every month because they are overcharged by as much as 100GB or over. Be honest about the amount of internet data you are spending each month, taking into account factors like several users in the same household or potential leechers of wireless internet, and choose an internet package that goes in line with your consumption.

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