Getting Internet Access: 15 Cool Things You Never Knew You Can Do Online

15 Cool Things You Never Knew You Can Do Online

The internet is full of things to do and learn. It’s not just all about tweeting or Facebooking, or paying bills – there are so many things to do and explore online. If you’re bored and you cannot find anything to do, here are some cool suggestions for you:

  1. Make money online. There are tons of opportunities online that can help you make extra cash. Write a blog, sell online, become an affiliate, create your website, etc.
  2. Learn to code. Education websites, such as Codecademy and Treehouse, offer coding lessons to help online users learn computer languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and PHP.
  3. Learn a language. You can also use the internet to improve your English-speaking skills and learn a variety of foreign languages, such as French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.
  4. Learn a new skill. You can also go to video sites, like YouTube, to access a variety of free videos and learn how to bake a cake, cook a turkey, make candles, paint nails, etc.
  5. Take free online courses. There’s also a lot of websites available that offer free courses, which can help you learn anything – from making a website and improving your writing skills to building a business and mastering the tax law.
  6. Know your IQ and personality. If you want to identify your true personality and your capacity to learn, you can also do that by using the internet. There are many sites online that provide free IQ and personality tests to people who wish to know them. Results are usually sent by email.
  7. Manage your finances. You can also use the internet to hire a professional or download a free app that can help you handle your finances.
  8. Feel good about yourself. If you’re bored or feel depressed, just go to forums or online community and interact with others who share the same experience.
  9. Listen to your favorite music. The internet also has a lot of music sources, in which you can listen and download your favorite music for free.
  10. Watch your favorite shows. The internet also has a lot of channels, wherein you can watch Chicago Bears football games and other videos for free.
  11. Make friends. If you’re having a hard time making friends in the real world, then you can go online. There are various websites, such as Facebook and online forums, which can help you find some new friends or even a partner! Just be careful about giving information online.
  12. Play online games. The online world is also full of gaming websites, which you can access for free.
  13. Learn trivia and facts. If you want to increase your knowledge, just go to sites like and They have a wide collection of intriguing facts and trivia, which you can use to increase your knowledge, impress your friends, or simply entertain yourself.
  14. Get healthy. The World Wide Web also contains a lot of useful pages to help health-conscious individuals achieve their goals. Explore the web and find sites that can help you learn how to eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  15. Help other people. You can also go online to help those people in need. The internet is a great channel for spreading good words and good deeds.

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