Choosing the Right Tool to Create Delicious Smoothies

Browsing the vast world of the internet can be a tiresome feat. Sometimes it is good to take a break and enjoy the simpler things in life. However, for those busy souls, it is much better to grab a quick refreshing drink and waste no valuable internet time in between. And of course, drinks can’t get any better than a tall, cool glass of fruit smoothie. Mixed with ice-cream, milk or yogurt, fruit smoothie can prove itself to be the ultimate refreshment, especially for nonstop internet users. In all instances and purposes, you can opt to view the top 10 smoothie makers to gain a good idea on what to use to make your grand smoothies. However, if you need a prior introduction to smoothie makers or blenders, read on.

Choosing the Right Tool to Create Delicious Smoothies

Blender? Juicer? Smoothie Maker?

The choice between these three can be incredibly difficult for those lacking experience in the smoothie department. A blender, which is usually in the shape of a jug, is an all-around instrument that can make sauces and soups as well. Their basic function is to mix a bunch of ingredients and churn them into a liquid or a paste form. Blenders are among the most common forms of kitchen tools and are seen in almost all households.

Despite what might be expected, there is very little to differentiate juicers from smoothie makers. Juicers have the specific role of extracting the juice from the fruit’s pulp, thus forming a clear fluid that is drinkable without added preservatives. Smoothie makers accomplish the same goal, but has a tap with the main structure which can easily pour out the juice. While this one added element may seem enough to make smoothie makers superior to juicers, many consider the tap to be a novelty at best.

Smoothie makers also have a few more disadvantages, namely slow-running taps in some models, along with being comparably more uncommon in availability. However, the main disadvantages are shared by juicers as well. Juicers cannot handle soft fruits too well, and usually cannot create juices with thick texture. They are also quite big in size and is known for being quite hard to manage and clean.

Blenders standing tall?

This leaves the jug blenders, arguably the best out of the bunch. The sheer versatility provided by blenders is enough to put them ahead of the competition, especially in the amount of creative products one can make using them. Blenders have the additional ability of crushing or chopping ice, and can utilize the addition of milk or nuts to the fruit juice it can create. While finding the right balance of ingredients for the perfect consistency can be a very tricky matter to manage, the end-all be-all aspect of blenders cannot be overlooked.

Smoothies are meant to be make you feel good, so you should choose the best possible smoothie maker or blender to make your desired drink. If you are still having trouble considering the right option, go to to learn more. Sometimes, you just need to sit back, relax, and take a long sip of a cold, delicious glass of smoothie.